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  • Fed: Interest Rates
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    Data Sets
  • US Counties: Personal income, population, per capita income
  • US States: Personal income, population, per capita income
  • US Counties: Wage and salary data
  • US MSAs: Metropolitan GDP (Metropolitan Statistical Area)
  • US States: State GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Japanese macroeconomic data
  • BLS: Average Prices of products used in CPI calculations
  • BLS: Business Dynamics: Job openings, losses, contractions, expansions
  • BLS: Total nonfarm employment
  • BLS: Employment cost index
  • BLS: CPI-U (Consumer price index: All Urban Consumers)
  • BLS: CPI-W (Consumer price index: urban wage earners and clerical workers)
  • BLS: Consumer Expenditure Survey
  • OLD: Employment cost index
  • OLD: Total nonfarm employment
  • BLS: International Labor Data
  • OLD: Job Turnover: Hires, openings, layoffs
  • BLS: Job Turnover: Hires, openings, layoffs
  • BLS: State, MSA, Conties: Employment, and Unemployment; Levels and Rates
  • BLS: US: By Industry and Labor Force Category: Employment, and Unemployment; Levels and Rates
  • OLD: US: By Industry and Labor Force Category: Employment, and Unemployment; Levels and Rates
  • BLS: Major Sector Productivity and Costs Index
  • BLS: State/MSA: Total nonfarm employment
  • BLS: PPI: by Product (Producer Price Index)
  • Housing: US/State: Price; Starts; Authorized; Starts; Completions
  • Nonresidential Construction
  • Building permits: MSA/State
  • Housing and Rental Vacancy Rates
  • Median Income
  • Manufacturing: Inventories and Shipments: by Industry
  • Trade: Inventories; Sales
  • Retail Sales and Inventories; including e-commerce
  • Wholesales Sales and Inventories
  • Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index
  • DOE: Month Energy (Department of Energy)
  • DOE: Natural Gas: State: Consumption; Deliveries
  • DOE: Spot Prices: Crude; Diesel; Gasoline
  • DOL: Weekly unemployment claims: US/State
  • European Central Bank
  • Empire State Manufacturing Survey
  • FDIC
  • Sticky CPI
  • Interest Rates
  • Dallas Fed
  • Daily exchange rates
  • Philadelphia Fed: Business Outlook Survey
  • St Louis Fed
  • FHFA: Home Price Index
  • FHFB: Morgage Data
  • FRB: Financial Obligations
  • FRB: Industrial Production; Capacity; Utilization
  • FRB: Consumer Credit Data
  • FRB: Dollar Index
  • FRB: Bank Reserves
  • FRB: Factors Affecting Reserve Balances of Depository Institutions
  • FRB: Weekly Money Supply
  • FRB: Bank Credit
  • FRB: Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey
  • FRB: Flow of Funds Accounts
  • Freddiemac: Mortgage Rates
  • ISM
  • National Income and Product Accounts: GDP etc
  • Australian Macroeconomic Data
  • US Treasury International Capital System (TIC)
  • Daily Treasury Statement
  • Constant Maturity Treasury Yield
  • Economagic Transformed Series

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